Using the online form

This form can be used for:

  • General enquiry on the registration process
  • General feedback on the National Regulatory System for Community Housing
  • Provider notifications
  • Complaint about a registered provider

To ensure we know the purpose of your contact, please select the correct “Type” of contact.

It is important that you complete all mandatory fields (marked with a *) so that we can respond to your enquiry as quickly as possible.

Alternatively, you can contact the Office of the Registrar in your State or Territory.


  • Open information allows the Registrar to make your identity known to the provider or any other person in order to address the matter.
  • Confidential information means your identity is known to the Registrar but is not provided to any other person without your specific consent.
  • You can choose to remain anonymous by not providing contact details. While your complaint will be recorded the Registrar’s office may be unable to use the information you provide.

Maximum characters: 30000

If you are contacting the NRSCH on behalf of someone else, please complete the following details. Please note you will need consent to act on their behalf.